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Sue Turner

Sue Turner

Hi there, I’m Sue and have been passionate about travel and the meetings/events industry for over 30 years; I left University too long ago with a degree in Business Studies and languages under the belt… and then went on to work with Rank Xerox, Astra Pharmaceuticals, various International Hotel Groups and then moved on by chance to the intermediate agency side, at Colloquium and The Choice Group. It was not my plan to set-up High 5 Events back in 2007, but was encouraged to do so by various clients, colleagues and friends in the industry and have never looked back.

I still enjoy the on-going challenges as every event is different and some delegates will never cease to amaze me… maybe one day I will get a ‘proper’ job where work and pleasure don’t merge into one as they so often have done over the years.

What is your favourite colour?

Anything bright - orange, reds, or a whole rainbow going on.

If you were a wine, what would you be?

Wine is my definite tipple … happy with a yummy Argentinian Malbec, or a chilled Cloudy Bay Sauvignon Blanc … so long as it is accompanied by some excellent company and nibbles.  As far as I am concerned, wine improves with age. The older I get, the better I like it!

Favourite film?

Use to be the classics of English Patient, Notting Hill, Love Actually … but must admit that now being enticed into the whole Disney scene with our two gorgeous young boys.

If you were a car, what would you be?

Who thought up these questions!  I’d probably opt for an Aston Martin DBS (nearest I am ever going to get to being a Bond Girl!).

A magical moment or memory in your career?

Too many to mention … being in a coach to meet our VIP group arriving at Phoenix airport, when we went under a bridge and the roof came off … arranging a ‘Room with View' Gala Dinner at Sydney Opera House … camping out on Safari in South Africa … endless laughter on the back of a camel in Dubai with one of my favourite clients … ski-ing in Gran Montana  … train trip from Venice to Ljubljana … racing delegates to a Viennese Ball in a horse-drawn carriage … being part of a successful car launch in Barcelona and Morocco  … to trips on the Orient Express.

Favourite destination / place in the world? 

Ohhh that’s a toughie … I’m generally not one for slowing down and watching the world go by but my favourite destination is probably the Maldives … can’t ever over-dose in all that sunshine, golden beaches, scuba diving and smiley people!  Heaven … just let me know if anyone is looking to motivate anyone out there … you can’t help but succumb to all that R&R!!