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Medical and Healthcare Conference and Event Organiser

Louise Paterson

Louise Paterson

Since graduating in Event Management in 2015 I have been working in Marketing and Events, mainly within the hospitality industry. I’ve also taken opportunities to work in Portugal for TUI Group, travel solo to Thailand & Australia and to qualify & work as a Stewardess on Superyachts.

I’ve always been the ‘organiser’ amongst my friends and family, I think I’ve always had a passion for planning and operations. My favourite thing about working in events industry is when weeks or months of planning and hard work start coming together. Also, watching attendees enjoying themselves and take something away from their experience.

Favourite colour


What wine would I be?

I don’t really know much about wine. Can I add some bubbles, pink gin and soda water and be a Pink Gin Spritz?

What car would you be?

I’m going to say an Audi Q7 but mainly because I love them.

Magical moment/memory in my career?

Any opportunity to interact or watch animals in their natural habitat are magical moments for me. Kayaking in Byron Bay and being surrounded by a pod of Dolphins, walking a coastal trail in Noosa and seeing Koala Bears and Whales, watching Kangaroos whilst working in the Outback, visiting an elephant sanctuary in Chiang Mai and watching a pod of Dolphins play at the bow of a yacht whilst passaging from Spain to Italy. 

Favourite destination

I can never pick between Byron Bay or Edinburgh.