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Timeout at Wyboston Lakes

Posted by: sarahnix

This month, our team had some much deserved time out of the office at Wyboston Lakes, where we had an opportunity to look around their extensive facilities of the Executive Centre (26 meeting rooms) and Training Centre (40 meeting rooms), in conjunction with over 300 bedrooms. Wyboston has an exciting renovation plan under way, due for completion in March 2019, so many thanks again to Rosie, Laura, Dan & all the professional team at Wybsoton for their welcoming and ‘anything is possible approach’ to meeting & hospitality as we are very much looking forward to returning with valued clients of High 5. 

In addition, we ventured out to the RIDE Experience within the resort, which offers an extensive selection of corporate days and team building. We certainly had some laughs, experiencing the 4x4 rollercoaster drives and then fun on the Wybsoton lake, where we built precarious rafts which carried each of our teams (with varying success!) across the chilly waters into the sunset! 

Huge thanks again to our ‘gun ho’ team who are always ‘game for a giggle’ and challenge! Sooooo very proud of all of our team achievements to-date in 2018 and looking forward to raising a glass or two this evening at Pennyhill Park & Royal Berkshire Hotel this evening!


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