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Planning Half Term is more complicated than planning an event!

Posted by: sueturner

Well, day 2 of the half term week and all good so far! (I think!)

Only 1 fall out with my 10 year old son over whether he could have a cake or fruit at lunch time! Guess who won????

It made me think about all the things I do in my role as an Event Manager and how we are all doing this role most days. Sometime I think planning events for my son to do takes more time and management than running conferences or events for the large numbers that we operate. It takes as much planning to arrange events for one child as it does for 250 delegates! (Well, almost ha ha!)

Starting with the research of where to go and what to do, planning the logistics of the travelling, managing the catering requirements, dealing with any queries/concerns of any of the participants whilst enjoying the event. All to make it the best event ever!

So this week we are enjoying a few local trips out - we have been to Wrest Park (Silsoe near Luton) and explored the glorious grounds, we love it here and generally there is a reward of a nice cuppa and maybe a cake or scone and cream!


We've also been to the gorgeous Dunstable Downs with views of the surrounding countryside, we have flown kites and walked /climbed the hills, watched the gliders taking off and land. A great day out for adults and children - oh, and a great tea room!


We've also been to Great Missenden and visited the fantastic Roald Dahl museum, had a go at making our own short film and we got to sit in his chair!  Thats very exciting if you are a Roald Dahl fan (and we are!)

We love the creative words and amazing new words some of the children have made up like - awpic, fandiddlytastic, magnifitastic, scrummyfabtastic!!!!  They go on and on but make us smile when we see them or hear them being used!  Have a go yourselves and see what you can come up with.


We are changing scenery and are now going to Ludlow to visit family and we have plans to potter in Ludlow, visiting the castle and a number of the tea rooms!  Is there a theme here????

We are going to join in with the pancake race at Whitton Church and have plans to visit the famous cinema in Tenbury Wells - where family members volunteer and involve my son in working in the cinema as a front of house volunteer. He gets to serve on the sweet counter, sells drinks and helps to usher the public to their seats. He also gets to watch the film from the projection box - he loves it and it gives me some time to chill out - it is my week off too!

We will be also visiting Berrington Hall and Witley Court as they also have great grounds and properties to explore.  All will be arranged to the minute and fitted in accordingly.  Thank you to the National Trust and English Heritage as these really assist me with planning days out and about - for the family rather than delegates.

Hmmm, I think actually getting back into the office will be a good thing - certainly better for my purse!

Happy Half term everyone and have a scrummyfuntasticly awpic week!


Marie Warr, Freelancer

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