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High 5 Summer Celebrations

Posted by: lucialombardi

It’s certainly been a busy year-to-date for the High 5 troops so it was great to have a night out in London!  We ventured to Bank and met up for a ‘cheeky end of the week’ glass or two and went to ESCAPE London, where we were tasked with finding clues, solving problems & breaking the code to release the crown jewels.  The time pressure was certainly on and we were sooooo very close opening that final bag to the string of pearls  … but alas, we were ‘just’ beaten by the annoying ticking clock!  Nevertheless, we eventually broke free, had some photo fun & then enjoyed supper in town, celebrating Michelle’s 10th year anniversary at High 5. 


Congratulations once again Michelle from all friends, clients & colleagues on your ‘double-high 5 achievement’!  


escape room pic 5.jpg

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