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Celebrating Love and Life!

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With Valentine’s Day around the corner, Hearts are all around us at the moment, my children are busy scribbling little love notes to their friends (and teachers – that’s new!) and this Saturday we’re supposed to declare our love for the significant ones in our lives. Hearts are also big news in the media with the Heart Foundation launching a sponsored skipping challenge in schools, and new reports about how we can (apparently) eat more fat than was previously thought safe (hurray!).

I’m still in the middle of the New Year fitness blast in a bid to get my heart as healthy as possible (with a tiny thought to shorts in the summer!!) – juicing, spinning and boxercising myself to a frenzy. I can only hope it’s all making an impact on my heart but in the middle of all the hype around Valentine’s day it would be nice to all take a moment to stop and enjoy the moments we have day to day with our family and friends which can be just as therapeutic.

As too many of us know life can be all too short and to wait for one particular day to let people around you know that you care is a waste. Let that person know today, whether it’s a friend, colleague or family member (or even a stranger!); give them a smile to brighten their day, ask if they’re ok (and listen to their answer) or give a compliment about an aspect of their character that you admire. All these things will last a lot longer in their memory than a bouquet of flowers (or box of chocolates will last). That being said (and due to recent reports) as chocolate is back on the cards and I’m still happy to receive that too! 


Vicky Hydes, Events Manager 

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