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First Steps:

Now you have registered you can connect your Fitbit, Apple Health, Garmin or other wireless pedometer device to make tracking your steps easy.

Click on the "Connect a device" button below your profile picture (right hand side of this page. Connecting your existing account with Walker Tracker will mean your steps are transferred automatically without any added effort. Click links below to learn more:
How syncing works
Which devices and Apps can link to Walker Tracker
Linking to Samsung S Health 
Don't have a device? No problem - there are some free Apps you can download to your phone to make it simple: Free Apps for your Phone
Not just doing steps?

Make all your activities count with the Walker Tracker Activity Converter. You can manually log dozens of different activities which can be converted to steps and credited to your account. Learn more here: 

Activity Converter via Browser 
or Activity Converter for Mobile


Remember when you start counting your steps you can post comments, photos or videos from your day to encourage your team. Check-in on the progress of your colleagues and friends and add encouraging comments to help their journey. 

Access Walker Tracker through the App to make monitoring team progress and posting your comments even easier: iOS | Android

For more information, user guides and FAQs use the Help button in the top right corner or visit

For further assistance contact the High 5 Events Team

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