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Virtual Wellness

Virtual Wellness


With winter weather gripping much of Europe plus on-going Covid restrictions limiting our time out of the house, our client was looking for a way to support those New Year “keep fit” resolutions and encourage more physical activity to boost overall wellness amongst its staff. 


  • Everybody is active in different ways and access to space for exercise very variable.
  • Most staff were home-working but a significant number were still operational. 
  • Shift patterns varied as did home working commitments preventing a single daily wellness activity time.
  • The client wanted a team activity with everybody contributing to a common goal. 
  • With Christmas fast approaching, the aim was to deliver a New Year activity which could be concluded prior to a major launch meeting in early February – there were 6 weeks from concept to completion.


  • High 5 Events proposed using the Walker Tracker Wellness App to set the client’s team a daily step challenge. The App supports 100+ different activities from cycling to skiing, housework and snow shovelling – not just walking. All these activities are converted to step equivalents making everyone’s efforts comparable.
  • To create a target, the App provides a variety of virtual walking route options with milestones along the way and Pacer Bunny to gauge daily progress. We chose the Mediterranean route – somewhere we hoped to be returning to soon.
    Med route map.png
  • Data collection is easy as the App receives data from a participant’s own Fitbit, Apple Heath, Garmin device etc.
  • High 5 Events branded the App and added extra company and programme specific information to engage with the client’s team as well as supplying on-line support for European office hours.
  • The milestones were edited to provide extra wellness tips for participants. 
  • As an incentive the client proposed a £10K donation to a local charity
  • We also ensured all GDPR and the client’s internal ICT protocols were met. 


Over 230 people joined the programme, clocking an amazing 15m steps in less than 10 days and burning over 675,000 calories. Our Admin Host encouraged participants to post photos of their activities and sights from their journeys. Badges were awarded for daily records and continuous participation which all encouraged the team to reach their destination 2 days ahead of schedule and unlock a £10k donation to a local cancer charity.  

Employee engagement and wellness is difficult to develop and maintain. This has only become harder with remote working. Talk to High 5 Events about how we can help use Walker Tracker to engage with your team to keep them active and support their wellness. 

The client was delighted with concept to delivery in just 6 weeks: “It was run very effective and smooth. Due to our frequent touch basis both via calls and emails, we successfully reached our targets and made it happen in a very productive way” 😊

“From the feedback received the challenge was also much appreciated by our employees who participated” 
A post event survey reported 71% of participants had increased their activity level.

The client has decided to keep the programme live for a further 12 weeks to assess the post event activity levels and the effect on employee wellness.