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Virtual Global Celebration

Virtual Global Celebration

History / Background

Our client approached us to initiate ideas for a 10-year product anniversary. We had only 6 weeks to pull together ideas that not only would work for UK attendees but Global attendees that did not speak the language. The main requirement was that it was as interactive as possible, and everyone was able to take part and understand the full agenda of events.   We also were tasked to create teasers on the build up to the main event, a marketing campaign & branding.


  • Many different languages to accommodate and many did not speak English at all
  • Short lead time to build momentum to the event
  • Client wanting the agenda to be fully interactive so finding more than 1 activity that would be understood and enjoyed by non-English speakers
  • No post event gifts could be sent for compliance reasons, so we needed to think of a virtual gift (not vouchers).


Our approach was to sit down and brainstorm all ideas we had ran previously to see if these would work to a large global audience. Once our ideas came together and worked within the agenda, we needed to create a post event gift that was virtual. This took some research, but we found a scribble postcard artist that fitted the bill brilliantly. Now all activities, branding & post event gifts ideas were agreed it was pulling them together to make the virtual celebration one to remember!


Over 200 people attended the virtual event – from Russia to Australia. We introduced the event with celebratory videos that had been edited and pre-recorded with subtitles for non-English speakers and then kicked off the event with our first activity of the Haka. This spoke to so many different people as the chant was in a different language anyway; so it didn’t matter that English was not their first language, as it was new to everyone! Nearly everyone had their camera on and sound on and the chaos was amazing to see & hear!

The branding was used by all on their virtual background as well as across the slides, videos and speakers’ green screens which pulled the whole event together.

The post event gift of a story board postcard of the event was a real reminder to everyone that they could print off and have for a long time to show that event during a pandemic when we can’t see everyone in person, we can still all be together celebrating.

"It was a great meeting and the feedback is brilliant so much so, we have been asked if we can do this annually!!"

"Thank you!

"Thanks for a fantastic celebration! It's been emotional! and very proud to be part of this team."

"Great to see you all and congratulations to you all for this remarkable achievement" 😊

"Merci beaucoup à tous"