From Face to Face to Virtual


When Covid-19 took over the World and all Face to Face meetings ground to a halt, many clients found themselves in unchartered territory with many meetings still needing to go ahead. Although High 5 Events have delivered virtual events before, the industry exploded with new options – time for an update. Just like meeting venues, different platforms offer varying benefits so it is important to choose the one which will meet the objective.


Despite Covid-19 our client needed a series of training meetings to take place. These meetings have been running for many years and have a very well-known format. The training needed to be highly interactive, enable various templates to be annotated by more than 1 delegate and involve breakout groups for our multi-lingual attendees who were dialling in from around the globe. Many different presenters were also involved within the meeting series so we needed to have a user-friendly platform which could be understood quickly.
As a team, most of our previous experience has been in live and face to face events with limited exposure to virtual meetings so our first challenge was to quickly adapt to run virtual meetings with the same level of dedication, professionalism, style and presentation. The meeting experience was just as important to the delegate but the delivery method would be very different.


After an initial 2-week period of reviewing the technology available we confirmed our AV partner who could support with a digital platform that was ideal for a series of training meetings. We arranged training for the speakers to get the most out of the platform but also to make it as invisible as possible so the focus would be on the training content. We provided clear instructions to the delegates about how to join the meetings, and troubleshoot any audio, video or wi-fi issues. 


All sessions were set up over a 5-week period with meetings lasting no longer than 3 hours as we knew it would be difficult to hold people’s attention over a virtual platform.  We used all functions within the platform: breakout rooms for smaller discussions, annotations for group workshops and polling questions to break-up the sessions and maintain engagement from the delegates. 


The interaction went above and beyond what the clients expected, and the overall feedback was that this platform truly suited the requirement, and indeed discussions are being progressed with the client team regarding other internal and customer facing webinars.  

Lucy Winning (High 5 Events) 
June 2020