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Dine Around Travel Management

Dine Around Travel Management

History / Background

Following the success of a previous event managed by High 5 Events, our client wanted support with the travel management and logistics for 750 delegates attending a major event. Our role entailed providing suitable accommodation & restaurants for the guests.


  • Finding suitable hotels and restaurants within a 10 minute walk of the meeting venue.
  • Hotels and restaurants all had to meet the industry compliance standards and of course be within budget.
  • Client hosts had to be co-located with their guests
  • Attendees were only nominated 2 weeks prior to the event requiring swift confirmations and clear communications with hotels and restaurants.
  • Dietary requirements had to be captured and communicated accurately to the right hotel and restaurant in a short period of time.


  • The Client selected Central London for their launch meeting
  • Site inspections were undertaken on behalf of the client to ensure suitability of hotel and restaurant venues and to negotiate rates to keep to budget
  • Detailed discussions were undertaken with restaurant owners to ensure they could meet the dining schedule and provide flexibility on numbers and dietary requirements
  • High 5 Events worked in partnership with the Client’s communications agency to provide each guest with personalised event details and confirmations to ensure that they arrived at the right restaurant at the right time
  • Our on-site team kept track of the schedule, marshalled wayward guests and dealt with last minute changes… we thrive on change!


High 5 Events created a Dine Around programme for 750 guests. By working closely with each restaurant to keep things running smoothly and using staggered hotel departure times for each group of guests, the on-site team ensured everyone dined within one hour of each other.

“The team were always courteous and professional, thanks to all for their hard work”

“Excellent, can’t be more complementary”

“I wish to thank you and your team for supporting us, keeping us all well informed and delivery a superb evening. I could not provide any comments for improvement as I felt the organisation was exemplary and could not be improved upon”

“Really enjoyed the more informal feel, High 5 felt part of our team”