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CSR - Tree of Hands - Malaga

CSR - Tree of Hands - Malaga

History / Background

Our European pharma client holds an annual sales kick-off conference for its European team. Alongside the new product info, the targets and strategy meetings, the client requires an activity where the sales team ‘come together’ in a non-competitive environment, interact, network but also deliver a memorable community benefit.  


  • As always, after previous successful events for this client, High 5 Events needed to be creative and produce something new
  • A busy agenda in this 5-day European conference for 350pax only allowed one afternoon for the CSR activity
  • A memorable objective needed to be achieved within the available time
  • The activity needed to occupy everyone attending the conference
  • While the working language of the conference was English, the language abilities of the multi-national participants needed to be considered


  • High 5 Events worked with a local CSR delivery partner to deliver an activity to renovate the private Hogar Angeles Custodios children’s shelter in Malaga
  • The delegates tackled the redecoration of 12 bedrooms, study rooms, visitor spaces and corridors of this 4-storey building including the renovation of furniture, assembly of new flat-pack desks and bookcases and the provision of new beds and mattresses.
  • A separate part of the team tackled the playground and garden area refurbishing the equipment, re-painting the walls and re-planting the garden
  • The delegates were split into separate teams for their tasks, with each supervised to ensure safety but also to provide coaching and direction in new skills
  • High 5 Events also managed the rest of the 5 day programme including conference venue, accommodation, dine-around and gala awards dinner alongside the CSR afternoon.


Photos more than words show the transformation which was achieved and the letters of thanks from the children are a testament to the difference it will make to their lives.

"I have never had this opportunity with a work place before - I cried most of the day and will never forget this humbling activity -thanks"

"Great logistics!! And end point of activity is important to have."

"Super so viele strahlenden Kinderaugen zusehen"

"La compañía muestra sensibilidad"

"Bravo et surtout merci pour le choix de cette activité. Je me suis amusée, J’ai rencontré des collègues d’autres pays. Je suis fière d’avoir participé pour les enfants. Belle expérience à renouveler ASAP. Merci"