Pharmaceutical Sales Conference


History / Background

The purpose of the event was to present an update on UK sales results and targets across a number of the company’s product lines.  The meeting would also be the UK product launch of an exciting new epilepsy product.
The 4 day meeting would be an opportunity for attendees to interact with peers and business units creating a more unified and motivated sales force.


After contracting the venue for 60 people, the company increased their sales team in the final 4 weeks of planning to 90 due to the product launch.  To manage the contracted venue with the increase in delegate numbers and within 4 weeks of the meeting required flexibility and creativity.


3 key European destinations were presented to the client - Milan, Lake Maggiore and Jersey.  After various site inspections the client felt that holding the meeting in the UK would better reflect the current economic environment.
Bovey Castle was presented to the client due it being a leading hotel in an exclusive location.  The hotel reflected the companies requirement to be away from the city hub, in a boutique environment that still catered for all of its business needs.  


A weekly teaser campaign was formulated which ran for 4 weeks on the lead-up to the event, which kept the venue a secret.  This was followed by the launch of a bespoke web-site which incorporated the invitation, announcing the destination and consequently generated a new wave of excitement and anticipation. 
Given the number of new recruits we dressed the meeting room and provided a varied programme to reflect the company’s history and future. 
In order to maximise all the room space at Bovey Castle and accommodate the increased numbers, High 5 negotiated preferential rates for the bedroom lodges which were utilized by the clients management team.  This gave the senior team a base for debriefs and time to escape at the end of the day.

Comments from various attendees:

“Many of the attendees endorsed the programme as it gave them a chance to interact with their colleagues.”

“This was one of the most positive events I have attended in a long while.”

“The location was great, I think this was one of the best conferences I have attended in the UK, the hotel provided the service you usually expect in a continental venue.”

“I thought the whole conference was brilliant I have been to many in the past and this one was extremely motivating, well balanced, interactive and fun.  The video at the end was great; it was a good twist on a conference video I’d love to show it to my family as they don’t believe how good it was!”

“I liked the launch for the new drug, I will remember it even though I am not selling it!”