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Michelle Mantle

Michelle Mantle

I am Michelle and I am the Operations Manager at High 5, where I have worked since 2009. I have worked in the events industry for over 20 years, mainly within the pharmaceutical industry but also within banking and the insurance industry too.  I love putting those final touches to a successful event, it’s quite addictive, and I enjoy the challenge. From brainstorming, to development and execution – I thrive on being able to see all the elements come together to create the big picture. In my free time I enjoy walking, black and white photography and being by the fire with a good book and a glass of Merlot!

Favourite colour?


If you were a wine, what would you be? 

Probably a sparkling variety because it makes an occasion special.

If you were a car, what would you be? 

Audi TT, guaranteed to get you to your destination quickly, efficiently and in style.

A magical moment or memory in your career

I think the most memorable meetings are always the ones where you come across a challenge that you were not expecting.  Being in a Toronto hotel with a group coming to the end of a conference and finding out that an Icelandic volcanic ash cloud now covered most of Europe was certainly a challenge!  Fortunately after some serious teamwork every ash cloud had its silver lining and the whole group were on their way back to the UK safe and sound.  In the end it became an adventure!

Oh and hosting an event where both Roger Moore and Charlize Theron wanted to register, I’m pretty sure they were joking but it made our afternoon!

Favourite destination/place in the world? 

Too many to mention, however I think my favourite is Australia for the weather, food, drink, lifestyle and wildlife if nothing else.